Some of you will not remember 40 years ago, but you have heard a lot about it lately, because many were not on the receiving end of this kind of inflation since Jimmy Carter40 years ago, Carter when he came into office took over for Jerald Ford (some history) Ford left Carter with an inflation rate of 5.22% a high, but there were ways to  lower and manager it, that didn’t happen Carter went down as being one of the worst Presidents in our time. In the end of his administration, with flawed and inept management skills he and his Administration brought inflation to 14.78%

The names have changed from Carter to Biden, Biden was Senator with Carter, he was taking lessons for his turn to destroy our Country. In this same period of poor management and over spending (for some reason democratic governments continues to this day to believe they can spend their way out of inflation), Carter proved then it didn’t work and still doesn’t  work, But here we are again with Biden, in the Carter years another common factor was rapid energy and food cost, in 1973 the Arab-Israeli war the Arabs imposed an embargo on oil shipments to the U.S. that lasted into late 1974, what is common is that the Carter and Biden administration caused the energy shortage with poor management, drivers in 1973/1974 were hit with a 69% increase plus limited supplies, then as now they relied on foreign energy, there are some things in history that we have learned from and some we haven’t. This time based on what I have learned from history the difference between Carter and Biden, Carter was inept as well as the people in his administration and at that time were “Maybe” stupid, but in contrast between the two Biden knew and planned to do just what he said he would as Candidate Biden.

Joe Biden was handed an inflation rate of 1.4% and considered stable. As of May, just 18 months into his administration we have gone from 1.4% to 8.4% and that it in fact will continue rising, as each day brings us closer to a full recession. Fuel cost now is at $6.00 to $7.00 per gallon Food cost have doubled from last year Biden took office in his first day kept his word stop oil production, stopping the XL pipeline, closing all oil drilling on federal land and allowing impossible government regulations to be placed on the oil companies, in just his first day with an executive order, killed over 10,000 jobs, and their suppliers as well as knowingly hurting the consumer. I could go on for two to four more pages, but I am not writing anything you do not have knowledge of or have not learned in the last six months. Biden has blamed everyone from Trump to the Pandemic to Russia to Big Oil Companies to even the consumer, everyone but his Administration.

Now as we have before we are fighting someone else’s war this one in Ukraine, understand I am all for helping any Country to stop another from invading them and destroying the Sovereignty of their country, However I am very much an America First Individual which means as this Administration helps another country hold their sovereignty, with his other hand allows 160 different countries 3 million illegals unvetted (not counting get aways) carrying drugs, MS 13 gangs and let us not forget Terrorists, DHS stated that border officers have encountered about 2,500, I believe there have been more based on the number of individuals that have crossed the border plus the estimated 250 thousand got aways. Biden with the democratic party have made us responsible for all their care, medical, education and the give aways from blue states like California with their Sanctuary cities. My question is how we are going to stop this. As to the war in Ukraine as part of our inflation here are the numbers.

The US has allocated to the war in Ukraine in just 10 weeks: 80 billion dollars

The average amount US spent for its war in Afghanistan forty-six billion not counting the seventy plus billion Biden left behind to the enemy

Total Russian military budget for the entire year: 69 billion

The total projected US expenditure on the war in Ukraine for 1 year, (better sit down for this one) 554 billion. I will stop here before you become Ill.

We have a choice, either Unite and Fight or surrender to the progressive democratic party, for me I am fighting, I have fought in combat on foreign soil and will now fight on my own soil with my last breath for my Country.


THE BIG LIE: The Green New Deal is not so green This new deal is the Democratic excuse to satisfy the left, the AOCs of the left want to kill America to fit their agenda, forcing it down our throats. Biden Administration has made sure every position in his administration is filled with incompetent individuals from the Vice President, National Security to Boder Defense including our entire infrastructure, least I forget Mr. Transportation.

Here are items they continue to leave out, an investigative writer with Quora, Ben Davis wrote, fact A Wind Turbine cost $2.6 to $4 million each to build not including maintenance which is costly, this is being subsidized by our taxes. * Most Wind Turbines output is 2 to 3 megawatts an MW unit in laypeople terms is about 10 automobile engines. this is an average figure. *Example, take a city of just 1 million people, not including industrial use, with 2 to 3 people per household (we all know it’s more than this but I’m trying to keep it simple. In a city of 1 million there are 395,257 homes, with would use about 37% of the power consumption, so 395,257 is 10.715 kilowatts equal to 11,446,426 over one year for 1 million people, lets add the instant power (turning on a light, heater, air conditioning) it needs to generate 1.306 Gigawatt’s of power 24 hours a day 7 days a week, this assuming some kind of battery storage is used to smooth out peak times, this means you will need 522 wind turbines, 3 blades each which one is the length of a football field, lets push this, according to 2022 census LA County has 9,934,710 not the State of California just LA County. Just to really mess with your mind folks, which means it will need 19 thousand Wind Turbines, so I ask where you will put these 19 thousand turbines? you could put them in the ocean but that would quad drupel the cost, plus maintenance plus the environment and how about the supply chain? Did you know that the biggest solar plant in the world falls short of the mark at 850 megawatts, surprise, I didn’t know that 1 nuclear or coal plant can generate that much power? Just like millions of you I want to have clean air and water, but this is not the way at time in our life or future. Oh, just as a side note these blades that are the size of a football field are NOT RECYCLEABLE do to the material needed to make them solid.

Now on to solar, what materials are used in the making of solar panels, all of which by the way are made in China, Trond Westgaard VP of technology with REC, a mfg. of silicon one of main components used in the making of these solar panels is polycrystalline silicon or simply “cadmium “which is used in each panel “Cadmium” is a lung carcinogenic aka Cancer causing in humans. Any broken cdte panel (solar panel) exposed to water after a period will start leaking Cadmium this hazardous material in panels, by comparison is “Lead” and as with the blades used on wind turbines the entire solar panel is not Recyclable, so they get dumped and continue to leak into our ground water.

Another question I posed had to do with Solar Farms besides the obvious these farms accept a great amount of land, my question was do these solar farms emit radiation? The answer was Yes! but according to “Science” they emit EMF Radiation, but it is quite small and “likely” not dangerous, the real issue I discovered was that solar panels or “photovoltaic systems (Cadmium) create dirty electricity that ultimately radiates EMF radiation into The Home.


When a child enrolls into a public school, they are subject to reasonable rules and requirements, both curricular and disciplinary. Students comply with all requirements unless there is a clear overriding Interest, such as health concerns, disability, or Violation of a family’s religious tenants, emotional or reasonable disagreements with the course of study. “Not the Teachers” The authority to determine the curriculum rests with the districts, not individual teachers, Teachers, are employees, and must conduct the curriculum and abide by any restrictions, and they do not have a right to use whatever teaching material or methodologies. The sixth circuit court of appeals made this clear in Vans-Marshall V. Board of Education, a case involving a high school English teacher, who for using classroom assignments and materials without following their approval the board of education fired the teacher. The court stated, even to the extent, academic freedom, as a Constitutional rule, could somehow apply to primary and secondary schools, who do

 not insulate a teacher’s curricular and pedagogical reason. To do so would violate students’ free speech rights to access to information. “However,” on the other end of the spectrum, there are also limits to what districts and school boards can require children to study.

What all this means is that Parents have the right to all curricular information from the district and the school board. Including the books and all material used in the classroom, the teachers, the teachers have no legal right to teach a child, a minor without the permission of the parent, anything to do with gender reassignment or help with a sex change or sexual chemicals to alter a child’s organs, I viewed a video from a kindergarten teacher who on video was teaching these children that when a baby is born the doctor assigns the gender boy or girl, however according to this teacher the Doctors make mistakes as gender is fluid, which means a baby can magicianly change his or her gender at will, The teacher who made a video of what he was teaching is the supposed “spouse” of Biden’s Secretary of Transportation department “ Pete Buttigeig” is openly gay and has adopted 2 babies, I have more than just a few questions for his partner and for Buttigeig himself.

We all can at this point ask the same question what is wrong with our education system, and all have the same answer, “Just About Everything” From gender studies to telling children that they are all gender fluid and that men can become pregnant and have children, which as we all understand is Impossible, but yet we have teachers tell four year old’s it’s possible. We now have weekend jaunts for teachers so they can learn all about sex toys to enlighten themselves and their students.

Then comes the 1619 project, Teachers were instructed that 1619 was when America was discovered, again democrats taking charge, the 1619 project was written by the New York Times in 2019, this was written as Fiction in eighteen essays, they explore the what if, the legacy of slavery in present day America, “I’ve looked carefully and found no slavery present in America” they even added thirty six “Poems” and other works of Fiction, this was supposedly to illumine key moments of oppression, struggle and resistance, because the slaves came in 1619 and therefore they discovered America. The project was a fiction written by Nikole Hannal-Jones an American journalist, in April 2015, she became a staff writer for the New York Times, But the democratic left wing forced this fiction into the schools as fact not fiction.

California Department of Education here in California rated forty out of fifty and it just gets worse every year under democratic rule. As to students being prepared in LAUSD schools as of 2021 sits at 38.3%, when compared to other district in California out of 988 school district LAUSD was not close to fifty percent, in short, we are graduating our children from High School with a fifth-grade education. It is long past time to return to the time when we learned English, Math, History, Civics, now add what we call survival skills, how to balance a check book, bring back trades like auto, carpentry, code, how to cook every skill needed to survive this current age. I have eight children four biological and four stepchildren, and my wife Doris and I were there for every part of their education, Education as well as survival skills taught, now Critical Race Theory and how to change their gender. The pledge of Allegiance to America has now become “Optional” folks may remember this school prayer: Almighty God, we acknowledge our dependence upon thee, and we beg thy blessings upon us, our parents, and our country. This “non-denominational” school prayer ruled Unconscionable 60 years ago, the question is why? Where has morality gone, principles, beliefs that we were going to go out and be more productive than our parents. There is only this I need to say and write, Unite and fight come together as one, stop the school boards from bringing back “Segregation”


Many in California are not or may not remember that we still have a non-functioning 3 strike law. When the law was written it was to require a defendant convicted of any new felony, having had prior convictions of a felony to be sentenced to state prison for twice the term otherwise provided for the crime, this was the 3-strike law written in 1994. The law mandated a term of 25 years to life.  In 2012 on November 6th California voters approved prop 36 which substantially amended the law with two primary provisions, the sentence of a third strike offender was changed to 25 years to life requiring the New Felony to be of a serious and or Violent Crime with two or more prior strikes to be equal in serious or violent form (meaning killing people 3 different times not all at once) to qualify for the 25 to life sentence.

In 2020 California violent crime rate ranked 16th in the nation higher than the national fate of 387 per 1 thousand residents. Here in California, felons comprise approximately 63% of repeat offenders in 2021 this number is now 74.2%. it is my option that we bring back the 1994 version of the 3-strike law as it was written then, for a period of 5 years. In addition, we can and must stop the no bail law as well as District Attorneys such as George Gascon. Refund the Sheriff department to include additional funding for new equipment, if you have seen the condition of police cars, you may think the only thing holding them together is duct tape, as well as better training, Neighborhood interaction. My Sheriff dept. here in Lakewood must cover 5 other cities, now with less officers, I ask that you try and walk in an officers shoes for just 1 day, you may have a better understanding of just how difficult their job is, have you delivered any babies, or talked an individual out of committing suicide, had to witness the death of your partner who had been shot by a suspect, try and understand haw many jobs they perform besides keeping the streets safe.

I have spoken at a few fund raisers for fallen officers, one of the last ones for the Zore Foundation, each time after reading the circumstances surrounding the needless death of an officer is difficult at best to finish without tears falling, hearing all these democratic call for defunding angers me, I am pro law and order.

The LA City Council took $150 million from our Sherriff department, and called it “reimagine” Law Enforcement, that is more than 11.7%  with this Sheriff Villanueva noted that besides the defunding,  1281 jobs were removed from the departments budget on top of the positions removed 686 are sworn positions (officers) the average through out the nation is 2.5 officers per every 1 thousand residents LASD is operating right now at 0.9 officers per 1 thousand residents, academy classes were cut from 12 per year to four.

Where is the justice, there were 14 thousand arrested in the 2020 riots that were bailed out by Kamala Harris money volunteers, out the 14 thousand arrested, keeping in mind the brutal attacks, the killing of 30 residents, 2000 thousand officers injured, the Federal Court Buildings attacked and the taking of a Police dept. and burning it to the ground, with all this out of 14 thousand arrested not a single person is in prison, would you call this Justice or a total failure of Law and Order, as the democratic in charge ordered officers to stand down.  Now look at January 6th, 2021, people who were led into the capital building by the Capital Police, for trespassing! they are still sitting in jail without bail, they are their compliments of Nancy Pelosi and the democratic party, so tell me where the Justice for them is.



I have lived long enough to have survived several Presidents, so far 36th to the 46th, 10 Presidents. However, with the 46th now in office no one is quite sure we will survive him. In 66, the 36th President, abolished the “National Origins formula, it had been the immigration policy since the 1920’s The 1966 act removed discrimination against Southern Europeans, Asians, as well as other non-western Northern European ethnic groups from immigration policy.

In 1996 a new Law that was called the Disastrous Law, that forgotten law is said to be the cause of today’s immigration problems. The immigration reform act Hillary Clinton wanted which could be limited-or even undermined, it was signed into law by her husband “Bill Clinton” (Go figure) Both side of the aisle agreed that the U.S. immigration system was broken, So Mr. President 42 –from, 1993  if my math is correct from to present, we have had a broken immigration system. Not that I’m counting but it looks like oh 30 years, following Clintons signing of what was called “The Disastrous Act, made way for a 17.6% increase or 1.2 million illegals coming across the border, not for humanitarian or Asilum but for family and job-related immigration.

Our cost here in California will exceed 27.76 billion (estimated) possibility of being more if Biden removes title 42, May 23rd, 2022. Removing title 42 from the Trump era which was working will add billions more to our taxes. Joe Biden in 2021 then candidate Biden said he would open the border as the progressive left wanted as well as stop all fossil fuel on January 20th, 2021, did what he said he would do, please explain if a person tells you he’s going to burn your house down before he does it, would you stop him? Is this administration guilty of INSURRECTION? The definition of this word is the committing an act of Facilitating a radical change in the form of government. 18 U.S. Code 2383, which provides that whoever incites, sets on foot, assists, or engages in an insurrection against the authority of the United States or the laws there of, or gives aid or gives aid or comfort thereto shall be imprisoned for up to 10 years, and shall be incapable of holding office under U.S. Law.

We also need to understand not just these administrations undermining of law, but the cause of the rising death toll from drugs being smuggled across our border, FENTANYL material is coming from China to Mexico made into pill form and then brought in by illegals to the U.S. just in 21/22 a staggering 4 thousand percent increase in Fentanyl seizures, my educated guess is that more than the 4 thousand percent has gotten through with the “got aways” The drug cartels have become in charge of our border not us. 1 Kilogram of fentanyl has the potential to kill 500 thousand people, a kilogram is roughly 2.2 pounds, other drugs like meth we are up 781 percent of fentanyl and 719 percent seizures are up 85 percent so far this year alone. These drugs have killed hundreds of thousands of kids and young adults, fentanyl is 50 times more powerful than heroin, and up to 100 times more powerful than morphine, lastly if you believe you and your family are immune to all this think again. In case your not aware Joe Biden has the authority to place “Active Military” along our Border to keep our one with SOVEREIGNTY safe from the illegal entry of illegal individual meaning us harm and the drugs killing Americans.





My option is faith based, long before I became a Minister, even back when God and I were not on speaking terms, even with some contempt for God, believing that God allowed the death I had seen in combat, the death of women and children who had nothing to do with the war, So I blamed God for allowing this to happen, back then I believed he could have and should have stopped the death of innocent people, yes I blamed God not Mankind, The reality, the truth was God gave mankind the gift (or curse) of free will to lead his life with or without God. Through all the centuries of war it has always been mankind who decided the fate of his fellow man. Dictated by many things, including power over mankind, and for greed many times, planned parenthood is money motivated, by the people who have decided they have more power than God, they can decide that an unborn child is not alive, except for the body parts they sell.  I believe that life begins at Conception, not weeks and months later. My statement will cost me votes but I must stay true to my own beliefs, I will vote in Congress against Abortion. I believe God creates Life and man has become efficient at the cause of death therefore man has decided he is God. There isn’t a lot more to say on this subject I am pro-life and will remain that way, I also want to add, This I am aware is a Harsh statement, I believe if a women does not want to have children wonderful !! Go into the clinic and ask to be sterilized, unless of course you think you may want children later, what will you tell them how lucky they are because you killed their brothers and sisters before him  or her 


Have you ever asked a Politian if he or she has ever been poor and understand what’s it’s not knowing how you’re going to feed your family? Or how long were you forced to live in your car, until it was towed away and found yourself living on the street. 99% of these Politian’s will just tell you according to statistics, nothing about their experience, these individuals have no idea how to solve the problems we have had to deal with. You cannot promise people you’re going to cure problems unless you have the experience to understand the problem. You cannot cure homelessness by simply giving them at taxpayer cost not even a vote, a 5 hundred-thousand-dollar Cando, with a view no less, how about we give them Incentives, drug rehabilitation sorry to say Voluntary or not, skills, abilities, reasons to have hope to have pride. Rember this phrase, from the Bible Give a man a fish and you have fed him for the day, but if you teach him to fish, you have fed him for a lifetime, I believe that we must teach them to fend for themselves, give them a helping hand, help to stop some of the crime on the streets, we don’t need more but less, being on the streets adds to our crime.



Voting Rights

Only American Citizens Registered with a voter Photo identification card should be able to vote, we suffer from voter fraud, and ballot stuffing which is legal it appears in California and other states. Illegals who have entered this country by hiking, coyote, swimming across or other methods of eluding law enforcement or turning themselves in to border officers have  no rights to vote, regardless whether or not a Sanctuary city has given  them a driver license even though they do not speak English nor understand English or read road signs written in English but they are given driver license, and then use them to vote illegally which has been the democratic way of getting votes, it is not only against Federal law, its against the very principal of democracy, you cannot travel to any country and simply be handed a drivers license or any legal document, therefore my question is why are these Sanctuary states and cities allowed to continue to ignore Federal Law, and decide to create their own laws city by city or state by state. Local laws for each state are of their own body of state rules and regulations and local laws, but they cannot continue to ignore Federal Law, which Democrats continue to applaud and allow States to violate Federal laws and regulations, placing themselves above the laws framers . As your Congressmen this will be changed, it must be changed before we are no longer have a country